Vaticano Silver Rosary Necklace

Incredibly delicate and understated, this chic necklace is perfect for the everyday “cool girl.” A single silver rosary bead makes the perfect pendant on this demure piece. The bead is a St. Benedict rosary bead with wonderful High Church engravings on both sides. One side features a cross bearing letters of a prayer, as well as the letters C S P B, for “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (“The Holy Cross of Father Benedict”). The other side bears an image of the beloved St. Benedict, who banishes evil. Bead is simply wrapped with silver wire to make the daintiest of pendants and is hung on a high-quality, fine sterling silver chain. Necklace measures 20” and closes with a sterling silver clasp in back. Perfect for the good, Catholic girl, or (like me!) the cool girl that loves wonderfully interesting jewelry: this necklace is just divine! Santo bella!

Necklace measures 20”.

Price: $18 USD (plus shipping: $2 US, $6 International)

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