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Norfjord Plaited Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern - Anne Potter

A Fashion-forward Scarf for the Trendsetting Knitter

Designed for the trendsetting knitter, this wonderfully trendy braided infinity scarf is just too cool. Knit on size 9 US needles with worsted weight yarn, this scarf is easy enought for a beginner. Pattern features individual knit loops that are braided together for an incredible design. Using just 170 g. of yarn, this pattern takes a few skeins of yarn and makes a big-impact accessory. (And just think: one great pattern and some great yarn and you’re going to be the fashionista who sets the trends!) Two-page pattern includes a full-color picture and great, easy-to-follow instructions. And I put great care into making this pattern beautiful, because I like pretty things! Enjoy and knit this “gotta-have” accessory.

PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

Needles: 9 US double pointed needles
Yarn: worsted weight yarn, 170 grams.
Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
$4 USD