How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

I bought a pair of chic, plaid twill cute-slacks that didn’t quite work with my figure. (It’s OK: this is a classic issue and I don’t know what I would do if I did find a pair of pants that fit my figure.) After keeping them around for months with the intention of tediously tailoring them not going to happen I finally realized: there’s enough fabric in these to make an infinity cowl! And the fabric is a perfect match, too: drapey plaid twill that would work for tons of different looks – perfect! So I sewed one up and it turned out beautifully. Hip, easy-sew, recycled: this one’s a great idea for eco-conscious fashionistas (and tightwads like me).

Fabric Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Materials: one pair dress slacks/trousers (you’ll want a pair with lightweight, drapey fabric), scissors/rotary cutter and mat, quilter’s ruler or straight edge, pins, sewing machine, thread, iron.

1. Lay out your pressed slacks and determine how to get the longest rectangle from each leg.* (If you’re neater than me, you can first cut your slacks apart at the seams and remove pocket linings and zippers. I am a lazy crafter so I dove in, caring not about extra trouser elements.)

2. Using a quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter, cut two long rectangles from front and back of pant leg. You should now have four rectangles of identical size. While your dimensions may very, I was able to cut rectangles that measured 51/2″ wide and 33″ long.

3. With right sides together, pin two rectangles together along one short end. Sew. Press open with iron. You should now have a two long rectangles sewn together end-to-end making one very long, skinny rectangle of fabric. Repeat for the remaining two rectangles. You should now have two identical, very long, skinny rectangles.

4. With right sides together, pin the long edges of the these two very long, skinny rectangles together matching the center seam allowances as you pin.

5. Sew together the two long edges only. (Do not sew the short ends.) Turn tube right side out and press.

6. Press a 1/2″ hem at each open end. (This will make hand-sewing the tube together much easier.)

7. Lay out your tube. Twisting the tube once (180 degrees), pin the ends together. Using invisible stitches, hand sew the opening closed, forming a loop. Done!

* Do not worry about Sewing 101 rules like “matching plaids” and “cutting on the grain.” Those’re great guidelines, but for this project we’re just concerned about harvesting a lot of fabric from these slacks.