Wailua Mini Cover-Up Skirt Crochet Pattern


Providing just the littlest bit of cover, this mini skirt is perfect for slipping on over your swimsuit. This sweet little skirt will keep you stylin’ and almost decent as you walk to your car after a day lazing in the sun. So Riviera . . . “Where’s my Perrier?!?!”

Wailua Mini Cover-Up Skirt Crochet Pattern

Yarn: Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company [80% Cotton/20% Wool; 215 yds/197 m per 100 grams]; color: CW-844 Celery Leaves; 2 (2, 2, 3) skeins

Hook: K, 10 ½

Sizes: S [34” hip measurement], (M [36”], L [38”], XL [40”])

Finished dimensions: 12” long; 32” (34”, 36”, 38”) around (this skirt is made with negative ease, to stretch while wearing).

Gauge: 2 stitch pattern repeats/4″

Stitch Pattern: St. John’s Crown
(Multiple of 5 stitches, plus 1)

First Row: *Work 6 dc into third stitch from starting stitch, sl into sixth stitch from starting stitch. Repeat from * to end.
Row 2: ch4, *sc into the space at the top of the 6dc fan, between the third and fourth dc, ch2, 2dc into below the slip stitch of the first row, ch2. Repeat from *. Sl into second chain of beginning ch4.
Row 3: *Work 6 dc into space at the top of the 6dc fan, between the third and fourth dc, sl into space between the two dc cluster. Repeat from * to end.


Notes: This skirt is crocheted from the hem to the waist (upside down). To finish the hem of the skirt, you will add a single row of fans for a scalloped hem.

This skirt is crocheted in the round, but the skirt (and the pattern) could easily be crocheted flat, and sewn together at the end.

The St. John’s Crown pattern uses a stitch that is crocheted below the stitch you would normally crochet into. To do this, you will crochet into the same space where the previous row’s stitch went – is works a little bit like a short “spike stitch” – it is NOT a post stitch.


Ch 75 (80, 85, 90). Join with slip stitch, being careful not to twist.
Ch 1, and sc across entire loop.
Work First Row of St. John’s Crown Pattern
Work Rows 2 and 3 of St. John’s Crown Pattern
Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until skirt reaches the desired length. (I repeated the pattern 16 times, for a 12” skirt.)
Break yarn, secure, and weave in end.
Attach yarn to beginning of base chain. Crochet a scalloped hem on foundation row by following the directions for the First Row of the St. John’s Crown Pattern, crocheting into below the foundation row stitches. Break yarn, secure, and weave in end.



* All my patterns are intended for personal, not commercial use.