Soho Bulky Cowl Crochet Pattern


Incredibly snuggly, this quick-crochet cowl will warm you up in no time! I designed this cowl to have a chic and trendy style, while keeping the pattern easy enough for the beginning crocheter. (No lie: this cowl is a perfect “First Project” if you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet.) Make one in a bold color to brighten up your winter coat and chase away winter drab. Then make a stack for everyone on your Christmas list. You’ll be a Crochet Rock Star.

Soho Crocheted Bulky Cowl Pattern

Yarn: Sensations Yarns Sumptuous (100% acrylic; 86 yards [79 meters] /198 grams [7 oz]): Purple, 2 skeins.

Hook: Q

Gauge: 5 sts/4″

Finished Dimensions: 8″ wide by 64″ long (in a continuous loop)


ch 80. Being very careful not to twist, connect the beginning and end of your chain with a sl st. Ch 2. (Do not turn your work. This cowl is crocheted “in the round”)

Row 1: dc into each ch of your foundation row. (80 dcs completed.) Sl st into top of ch 2. Ch 1.

Row 2: sc into each dc of previous row. (80 scs. completed.) Sl st into top of ch1. Ch 2.

Repeat the last two rows three (3) more times. Repeat Row 1 one more time. (Your cowl should nine rows of alternating dc rows and sc rows, beginning and ending with a dc row.)

Finishing: Break yarn and weave in ends.