Soap Jar


I know it may seem silly to some, but sometimes little shots of style can transcend a daily task for me. Of all the little chores I do in a day, it’s a resheshing break to encounter beauty. This is a simple and pretty idea that elevates my linen closet into a space I don’t mind visiting from time to time.

This recycled pickle jar full of Ivory soap is the coolest thing in my vida verde right now. I started with a large pickle jar and thoroughly washed it to remove ANY pickle smell. (A bit of bleach can due the trick.) I then let it dry completely before tumbling in all my unwrapped Ivory soaps. I once read, years ago, that keeping soap unwrapped in your linen closet will make it last longer because it gets dryer (and a little harder) – so the eco-benetifs of this little project are twofold.

For the ambitious among us, definitely make a quaint little label for your jar that reads, savon ivory. (si doux!)

Tucked into your linen closet or set on a bathroom shelf, this jar is practical but pretty enough to lift your spirits a bit during the tedium of household chores. (And this must be what God made pickle jars for, because a large pickle jar just happens to hold an econo-pack’s worth of Ivory soap: twelve!)