Simple Square Knitted Baby Blanket Pattern


You’d think with a nine-month warning that I really shouldn’t be stressing about a gift for baby on the baby’s due date. But I’ve lamented over this before. I don’t blame the baby for not giving me enough time. Really! I blame myself and my time management skills (which are always overdue).

So what’s a procrastinator to do? Knit a seriously simple blanket that can be made the weekend before that baby makes its way out, that’s what.

I designed this blanket to be the perfect baby gift and it meets all my criteria for Awesome Baby Blanket:

1. super soft and snuggly
2. machine washable (Mom-Friendly)
3. simple, mindless knitting (I can finish these blankets in just a few days of intense knitting, but it’s going to be worked on everywhere: couch, car, standing in line at the post office.)
4. babies love it (Baby-Friendly)
5. wins “baby shower” every time.

The pattern is a simple stockinette square, trimmed with a nice garter-stitch border. It’s a classic that really will become a child’s favorite “blankie.” (This is why we knit.) The pattern is a mere 100 rows, so it’s easy to break up the knitting and conquer (10 rows a night, or 25 rows a night, you get the idea). I chose a chunky, super-soft acrylic yarn that knits up quickly and has a nice hand. Thanks to the the silky texture of the yarn, and the garter stitch border, this blanket has a really beautiful drape.

A last-minute project that makes procrastinators look good.


Simple Square Baby Blanket

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA: (100% acrylic; 81 yds [74m]/142 g.): Monterey Lime, 4 skeins

Needles: size 13 circular needle

Gauge: 8 sts/4” in ss

Dimensions: 30″ square


CO 64

Knit 7 rows in garter stitch.

Row 8: k 4, k 56, k4

Row 9: k4, p 56, k4

Rep. last two rows 42 more times (93 rows worked)

Knit 7 rows in garter stitch.



Weave in ends.