Selling Out


My daughter has been obsessed with all things Hunger Games lately. I’d love to tell you more about this fixation, but all I know of Hunger Games is through the giggly, hard-to-understand gibberish that most twelve-year-old girls speak. (You know what I mean: lame stories where every sentence rises to an insecure question mark, with more interjections of “ohmygosh!” and “it was SO funny” than actual plot. But she’s cute. And I’ll keep her.)

Hunger Games, the book and the movie, has generated one of those seriously trendy cult-followings. The pretty heroine Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is on the cover of every teen tabloid magazine, luring pre-teen girls into the romance of being a girl-power huntress. Hunger Games references creep into pop culture as box office numbers climb to break some new record. We’ve seen it all before. Remember Star Wars mania, and Harry Potter and Twilight? A new media fad, for a new generation.

What I think is so interesting about these movie fads, is that they actually have a real effect on design trends. The other night, my daughters were sitting in their room for an hour and a half, talking, while one worked to braid a diagonal french braid across her sister’s hair. To look just like Katniss. After a new look debuts on the big screen (or the small screen) we copy and incorporate it into our real lives. Farrah Fawcett may have just played a fictional Charlie’s Angel, but she inspired a hairstyle that millions of women really wore to the grocery store and lunch dates.

So Hunger Games, that teen trend, will affect what we see in Vogue next season, and what we wear ourselves to the coffee shop. Loose hunter-girl chignons and braids, leather, Girl on Fire red and orange, broody metallics, bow and arrow motifs: look for them. They’ll be there. Promise.

temp-post-imagePanem Hunger Games Mockingjay Pendant Necklace - Katniss Everdeen Jewelry by Anne Potter

So the other day, for my dear daughter, I sold my soul and made Hunger Games-inspired jewelry. Sold out. 100%. She actually came up with the original idea for the piece, in fact. Seeing a sterling silver swallow charm that I had lying around, she said, “Mom! Ohmygosh, you should put this with a circle! It would look SOOO Katniss!”. Ohmygosh, yes! So I did. I paired the silver swallow with a battered copper ring and strung the pair on a sterling silver chain. I like the contrast of the bright sterling silver with the moody patina of the copper. And it’s not over-the-top “Hunger Games.” It’s a nod to Hunger Games without totally drinking the kool-aid.

Maybe next I’ll make some Artemis arrow jewelry, or some leather bracelets. (Oh wait, I already make those. Ohmygosh, I’m SOOO ahead of this trend!)

temp-post-imageHelena Double Dark Brown Leather Braided Bolo Bangle with Matte Gold Band by Anne Potter