Recycled Book Heart Mobile Tutorial


When I round up and donate already-read and forgotton books, I serve my planet. Of course I’m bringing great books to the library so that new readers can enjoy and discover them anew.

But more importantly, I am withholding bad books. And cutting them to pieces.

Planet, you’re welcome. No one should ever have to read some of the bad books I’ve read. And there are some bad books out there. So get out your scissors and let’s show bad literature who’s boss. (And make a delightful Valentine’s Day decoration, too!) Using an old book and basic supplies, these Recycled Book Heart Mobiles are eco-fabulous and a little Shabby Chic. I think these would look amazing en masse, like a whole bower of dreamy Chinese-lantern-esence. (And do I need to say it? Shabby Chic brides on a budget: steal this idea!)

Recycled Book Heart Mobile

Materials and Supplies: bad book, heart template [that can fit on a single book page], scissors, ruler, pencil, sewing machine and thread


1. Each heart is made from 24 pages. Rip out 8 pages at a time from your book, trying to keep the binding in tact (this easily keeps the pages together for cutting).

2. Trace template onto top page of 8-page section. Cut out. Keep stack as tidy as possible.


3. Using a ruler, trace a light pencil line down the center of one heart stack, from top to bottom.

4. Stack three heart stacks together so you now have 24 hearts in a stack.

5. Adjust your stitching length to a basting length (“4” setting on most machines).

6. Sew 1 yard of stitching before placing the heart stack under the presser foot. (This will serve as the “hanger” for you heart mobile.


7. Back stitching at the beginning and end of your stitching line, sew on pencil line. Sew 12″ tail of stitching.


8. Using your ruler as you would a bone folder, crease each page back and forth at stitching line.

9. Hang and read a good book.