Pumpkin Topiaries


I don’t think I’ve met a fake pumpkin that I didn’t like. I pick them up at garage sales and in the Halloween clearance aisle. I rip them off of hideous “harvest” grapevine garlands and rescue them from craft projects gone awry. I now have a serious collection that demands it’s own storage bin. When Halloween rolls around I tumble them out and pile them high in bread bowls, on mantles, and in big baskets by the door.

But what to do when your space cannot support your gaggle of fake pumpkins? Then I think like IKEA,who can efficiently pack a full Euro kitchen in a 4′ by 3′ closet: I “go vertical.” I’ve taken to stacking my pumpkins into little topiaries here and there, piled two- and three-high for lots of impact in a small space. (Stems remove easily from fake pumpkins so you can pile them high.) And displayed as topiaries, fake pumpkin give an oddly elegant air to your Halloween decor.


This creepy little topiary has a macabre “Alas, Poor Yorick” vibe that I think is just wonderful. I found the styrofoam skull at a Bears game (surely some Superfan “got crafty” and used it in a fearsome Packers-head-on-a-stick prop) and it comes out every year to grace my Halloween home. Nestled on an orange beaded candle bobech and a fake pumpkin, all are set on a black ceramic cake stand. These individual elements work together to make a gloriously dramatic centerpiece. I love Halloween.