Oh, Pretty!


Over the summer, as life went on as it does, I had a project simmering on a back burner in my mind: to design the most beautiful business card imaginable.

I had decided awhile back that I wanted to open another etsy shop. In my original shop, Handmade by Anne Potter, I sell handmade items, mostly jewelry that I’ve designed. But in addition to selling handmades, I wanted an outlet to sell patterns and DIY jewelry kits and cool craft supplies. (I’ll share more on my new shop later, I’m sure.)

The first order of business (besides drafting a business plan – yawn!) was to design my shop’s look. I knew I had to turn again to my favorite graphic designer, Jess – that blessed girl who designed my Handmade by Anne Potter look. I emailed her and told her what I wanted. It went something like this: “I want an old world, semi-renaissance Italian Catholic kind of vibe. I want a saint in a niche and I want her to look divine and radiant – can you give her a heavenly light kind of glow? Oh! and I want her to be a little edgy, too. Like a “cool” saint. And then I want a gothic kind of “picket fence” along the bottom, like a sepia-toned ironwork fence? And can you make the saint looking downward, like she’s blessing my etsy shop?”


And she did it! She nailed it!

She worked so hard to make my business card as beautiful as I wanted. She staged pictures to get the right look for an element, designed letters to match my favorite fonts to make them more legible. Tweaked and tweaked some more. For three months we was like a mom to me (“Sure, no problem! I can do that!”) and a Santa Claus, too.


The end result is exquisite. I wanted business cards that acted a bit like ATCs: they’re these little works of art that one keeps because they’re just so beautiful. And I have no idea how she does it, but Jess has the maddest design skills. How can she make something that looks that wonderful?! Bless you, Jess! Your work is just incredible.