Oak Leaves and Acorns


As our household settles into the schoolyear, our family regains the familiar routine of work and rest centered entirely around hours spent at school. Mornings rush toward that moment of “Everybody in the car!” And in the pick-up lane after school, kids pile into the car acquainting all with the news of their day at school: what was traded at the lunch table, who got their name on the board and what science experiment was “so much fun, Mom!” During the activity of before school and after school, my attention is pretty much focused on my school aged children.

But at home during the school day, when my older children are reading and writing, the day draws out peacefully for my toddlers and me. Our day meanders around a few necessary chores and basically goes where it likes. At this time of year, our favorite activity is taking a walk. We take a walk around the block, and somehow it takes us nearly half and hour (and it’s not a big block).

Usually our walks look like this: me walking backwards so I can keep an eye on two two-year-olds who shuffle through leaves, pick up sticks, kick tufts of grass and generally make forward progress every other step. I have learned to resist the urge to hurry these little people along. After all, what’s the rush?

My favorite walks are on days when the air is crisp and the sunshine is bright. Fall mornings saturated in golden sunlight make me fell like I handle anything. Every year I’m amazed that God has put this season in place; it seems so decedent, too beautiful!

We stop at every oak tree along our way, cracking strewn brown leaves under our feet, rummaging for acorns. Most prized are uncracked, un-nibbled (squirrels!) acorns with caps intact. Their form is just beatuiful to me. (And I like how they always look like little English professors with jaunty tweed caps.)


Inspired by these idyllic walks and the prized acorns we stuff in our pockets, I made a batch of acorn earrings this year. Now, nothing can compare to the understated elegance of real acorns, but I think these earrings are beautiful in their own right. Realistic copper acorn caps lend a pure, Arts and Crafts style, while bold copper ear wires hold their own next to gleaming green crystal beads. Catching the sun with brilliant facets, these earrings capture the beauty of autumnal walks where sunlight streams through turning leaves.