Manic Makeover, Part II


Some of you may remember my whirlwind update of my master bathroom last year (Manic Makeover). It was simple makeover in which I tackled a few things that annoyed me every time I walked into the room (bright brass hardware and a not-quite-right color on some doors). It was such a good facelift, but it was just the first steps toward what I really wanted my bathroom to look like.

This week, I took some giant leaps toward my design goal of the perfect bathroom. And here they are.

1. Paint. 4,000,001 designers agree that paint color has the biggest impact on a room. (I know, I know!) Because I am not good at picking out paint colors, I rely on a simple formula to get the perfect paint color for my rooms: copy a paint color that looks good in a friend’s room + use that color over and over again. This particular color was a light, warm green that looked perfect in a friend’s bathroom. So I used her paint swatch and painted three of my own rooms this color. (It’s now called “Anne” on the Walmart paint computer. I’m serious.) Thanks to different lighting in every room of the house, the color doesn’t get tired. (This is a cost-effective idea, too, because with less leftover paint there’s less waste.


2. Curtains. Simple muslin sheers on a bamboo rod to replace the mini blinds that my limited housekeeping skills can’t handle. I also made some dramatic curtains using a great ochre fabric from a garage sale. I sewed simple panels and then hung them on hefty wooden rings. I’ve had these rings sitting in my closet for 20 years now and, combined with big curtain rod left from the previous owners, the look is grand.


3. Gothic facade. I come from strange stock. My mom picked up several gothic facades that she salvaged from old pump organs in Minnesota country churches. (Because, if one enormous organ facade is going to take up precious storage space and confound a loving husband, why not get four? Sorry, mom. Joke.) She gave me one of these facades and I think it’s really wonderful. It’s accidentally hip and the dramatic style makes it a piece de resistance. So thank you, Mom! I hung the gothic facade and the curtain rod close together so that visually they would act as one element. The two together remind me of a Thai pagoda (or something!). Love it.

In case you’re wondering, there is a Part III to this makeover. It definitely involves painting a dresser white, replacing the white linoleum floor (with something that can better compete with my negligent housekeeping ) and somehow getting a Grecian Isle view out the window. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to get that, though. I’ll keep you posted.