La Fiesta de Santa Margarita


Summer always hands me many of my year’s favorite moments. Watering my garden at dusk (and actually enjoying the flowers!), baseball games, garage sales, watching the kids bike up and down the sidewalk: summers are so idyllic. And one of my all-time favorite summer events is a laid-back happy hour with homemade Margaritas and great conversation (that seems to grow louder and louder as the night wears on).

Here’s my checklist for a great Fiesta de Santa Margarita: I’ve hunted down some great finds and of course, I’ll share my best (and easiest!) Margarita recipe.

After choosing my theme, I like to take care of serviceware: it determines what foods and drinks I can offer! For my margarita parties, I like to use unconventional margarita glasses.


These recycled tumblers are perfect: sturdier than stemware and a charming set that’s different!


This plate and bowl set stole my heart. So beautifully made and a gorgeous piece for use or decoration. Tonight this set will hold chips and salsa, but it will also be lovely serving cookies when I have all my church ladies over. I’ll take interesting, versatile pieces like these over one-trick-pony pieces anyday. Next, I’ll set the scene with brilliant recycled album cover coasters. With these, even if the first guest has just arrived and I’m still cutting lime wedges, the party mood is set!

I’ve got to have something living on the table because it gives al fresco parties a “piazza” feeling. Ever practical, I chose this aloe because 1. succulents are uber-chic right now, but 2. it goes inside after the party’s over to prove to the world that I can keep a houseplant alive (and it will live!).

And now we move on to reason for our fiesta: the lovely Santa Margarita. My friend Gina gave me this recipe for the best and easiest Margaritas ever. (I have lovingly renamed her classic recipe.) I’m not sure where she got it, but I’m passing it on to you and I’m sure it’ll inspire as many fiestas on your patio as it has mine!

Santa Margaritas

12 oz. frozen limeade concentrate

12 oz. Corona beer

12 oz. sprite

12 oz. tequila

Mix. Run rim of glass with a lime (or wet paper cloth) and dip in course sea salt. (These margaritas pack a good punch – water down a bit for a less alcoholic drink.)


Normally, for my standard fiesta with close friends, I bust out sea salt for rimming my margaritas. But if I’m trying to impress some new friends (let’s just be honest) I bring out this chipotle flavored salt. Such a interesting (and chic) way to give your classic Margarita a Michelada flavor. (What’s a Michelada? I’ll just have to throw another fiesta and serve those up. Don’t worry, you’re invited and at the end of the evening I’m sure I’ll share the recipe.)