Knit Pumpkin Patterns


Perfect for Halloween, perfect for fall, these charming little pumpkins are absolutely addictive to knit. They knit up fast and, using so little yarn, you can make a whole bushel for decorations, party favors, and baby-safe toys. You could even start a new legend of the Great Pumpkin and sneak these little treats onto co-worker desks at work.

Included are patterns for a complete family of pumpkins: sized tiny, small, medium and large. I’m also including a variation that makes little knit pumpkin favor cups. Enjoy!


Knit Pumpkins

Yarn: I used Ella Rae Classic Superwash by Ella Rae (100 g) in Orange. (One 100 g. skein easily makes a family of all four pumpkin sizes, or a bushel of tiny-sized pumpkins – for treats!)

Needles: size 5 circulars or DPNS.

Gauge: not important. A tighter gauge will help keep the stitch definition once stuffed. It will also keep fiberfill from showing (or fluffing) through.

Materials: polyester fiberfill, 2/3 yd. wired ribbon per pumpkin (for stem), darning needle, sewing needle, thread to match ribbon, stitch marker.

Finished Measurements (stuffed): tiny (3″ wide, 1.5″ high), small (4″ wide, 2″ high), medium (5″ wide, 2.5″ high), large (6″ wide, 3″ high)


For Tiny, (Small) sized Pumpkin:

CO 40, (48). Join to knit in round, placing marker to mark beginning of round.

Row 1: *k2, p1, k2, p3 (repeat around from *)

Row 2: *k6, p1, k1 (repeat around from *)

Repeat Rows 1 and 2.

Knit in pumpkin rib pattern for 22, (28) rows.


For Medium, (Large) sized Pumpkin:

CO 60, (70). Join to knit in round, placing marker to mark beginning of round.

Row 1: *k3, p1, k3, p3 (repeat around from *)

Row 2: *k8, p1, k1 (repeat around from *)

Knit in pumpkin rib pattern for 35, (42) rows.


Finishing for all sizes of Pumpkins:

With 18″ length of yarn, tie anchor knot and gather CO stitches by sewing in every other stitch, pull tight. Sew closes and fasten off. Stuff pumpkin loosely with fiberfill. Gather BO stitches as for CO stitches. Make multi-loop bow from the wired ribbon and secured with needle and thread to the top of pumpkin. Using needle and yarn, make a few stitches through the stuffed pumpkin from the center top to the center bottom to create a plump pumpkin shape.

Directions for Pumpkin Favor Cup:

Follow directions (above) for the Tiny Pumpkin, gathering CO stitches as directed, but do not gather BO stitches and do not add ribbon bow stem. Fill with candy corns, pumpkin seeds, M & Ms, or spiced nuts. Be the coolest hostess in history.


All my patterns are intended for private, not commercial, use.