Kimono Cord Bangle Bracelet Tutorial


New year, new look. It’s nice to re-energize tired style every now and then and this is the perfect time to do it. The holidays are over (and I’m getting a little cagey) so I’m giving an easy tutorial on Kimono Cord Bangles. They’re fresh and will make a cool addition to your jewelry arsenal – promise.

These bracelets get all their style points from “kimono cord,” sometimes called “chirimen cord.” Kimono cord is made from a traditional Japanese acetate crepe fabric (called chirimen), covering a cord base. The designs on these cords are what make them so tempting, I think: they’re boisterous Japanese floral patterns on a a richly hued background. Kimono cord is becoming a cool trend in handmade jewelry, and of course we love to be on top of our game. Make a stack – I think you’ll like ’em!


Kimono Cord Bangle Bracelet Tutorial


old brass wire bangle bracelet*, kimono cord, 18-gauge antique brass wire


wire cutters, flat-nose pliers, scissors, candle flame


1. With wire cutters, make one cut through brass wire bracelet.

2. Cut kimono cord into one 9″ length.

3. Thread kimono cord onto cut brass bangle bracelet.

4. When wire bangle bracelet is completely covered and kimono cord ends meet, pull 1/2″ of the base cord (yarn) out and cut it, reducing bulk at the join.

5. Tuck the ends of kimono crepe fabric under and overlap the ends so that the fabric is taut.

6. Cut antique wire into a 7″ length.

7. Bend 1″ one end of wire at a 90 degree angle and place against the fabric join of the covered bangle bracelet. With flat-nose pliers, wrap the wire tightly aroudn the wrapped bangle bracelet, covering the first end. Continue wrapping until the wire is finished.

8. With flat-nose pliers, squeeze the wire end so it is hidden among wire wraps.

9. Singe any loose fibers of the kimono cord fabric by quickly holding the loose fibers a few inches over a candle flame. Extinguish flame. Finished!

10. Repeat. One length of kimono cord will yield about 5 bracelets.


Wire: Hobby Lobby. Kimono Cord: St. Katherine’s Supply Co.

* I used an old bangle that I found at a garage sale. These bracelets can also be found new in cheap, costume jewelry departments.