Indie Artisans


I’m so honored to be included in Indie Artisans’ feature this month! Indie Artisans is an elite collection, curated by independent artists who promote unique handmades. Look for my Belmont Floral Bobby Pin among the latest feature of El Dia De Los Muertos pieces. A movable feast of interesting pieces from talented designers, you’ll love this rich collection!

Postscript: I named this luscious bobby pin after Chicago’s Belmont Ave. because I felt it captured the hip, confident (but slightly shady) vibe I feel there. I recently hit Belmont when I “went home” to Chicago last month. Going home is so bittersweet. While much remains the same, a place still changes and evolves. Chicago formed who I am: giving a context to my entire childhood it’s forever branded on my heart. Yet when I go back, I find that (and this is going to sound shockingly obvious) Chicago shows no acknowledgment of my having grown up there. It has continued to change, to be the Chicago of another generation’s childhoods. Walking along a sidewalk, I want to grab a passerbyer and say, “Before this lot you’re passing was a renowned sculpture park, I remember when it was just parking garage – wasn’t that good enough?” What I really want to say is, “Don’t you miss me? At all?"