Great Finds

In my town, we have a large and diverse international community thanks to a major university just down the street. So for a smallish city in east central Illinois, we have tons of great restaurants, grocery stores, import shops and the sweetest garage sales ever. I love finding a foreign grad student’s garage sale where they’re selling absolutely exotic things that I’ve never seen before (and for 25 cents!).

This weekend I hit a great sale put on by a group of Chinese women, and there were so many great Chinese finds from everyday sundries to silk. Now, I’m forcing myself to choose just one piece to showcase, so instead of painted ceramic pieces, I’ve got to show you the Chinese cookbook I snagged (for 25 cents!).

It’s probably a great cookbook in its own right, but I’ve got a plan for this one: I’m going to make a bright, slightly kitschy banner out of its pages.