Front Porch Sitting


I’m quite sure I do my best garbage picking at night. Pride banished like daylight I stalk around upper middle class neighborhoods, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Well, not exactly. But without having to worry about “what the neighbors might think” I feel much bolder to nab a great piece by night (even if it is from the garbage right next door).

The other night I found a great piece in the neighbor’s trash, a piece that I’d been looking for for years: a wooden garden bench. It was in great shape and just needed a little love. The bench was made from a good outdoors-friendly redwood and was in great working order. (These are important details that I’ve learned from years of curbside hunting. If a piece is past your capacity to fix it up, it’s just going to end up on your curb. After a long argument with your spouse first.)

The bench was sun-faded and had a green moss growing on it (not cool), but those were issues I could address. I mixed up some bleach water in a bucket and scrubbed and scrubbed, banishing all green moss. Then, when it was completely dry, I stained it with some leftover stain that I had. The color I used was “Dark Walnut” but the end result looks more like an ebony/rosewood color. Excellent. Serendipity.

To fill out my Cup of Morning Coffee on Front Porch Bench fantasy, I added a few cozy pieces. I sewed a large throw pillow from some outdoor fabric that I bought years ago for this very purpose. Then I added a matching apple green cotton throw blanket to really knock this one out of the park. (I’m not going to lie to you: I bought the throw blanket at a rummage sale no less than seven years ago for the sole purpose of looking casually elegant on the arm of my future front porch bench. Prissy? A little. Pathetic? Yes.)