Fresh Eggs


I like what I like.

Every spring, as I wrench my soul from winter’s grasp, I sprinkle the rooms of my home with springtime decorations. I’ve always got an eye on cool trends in the design world, but these springtime decoration are impervious to trendy style. They are familiar and humble, never trendy and definitely not hip.

For me, springtime decorations fall into four basic groups: bunnies, pink ting berries, bird nests and eggs. I can’t explain it, but this is just how it is. Everytime I find a little bird’s nest at a garage sale, I buy it and stash it away for next spring. There’re several in every room. And the eggs? They’re everywhere. Stowed in wire egg baskets, gathered in apothecary jars, and nestled in nests (of course!).

My favorite decoration is a big grapevine nest filled with hand painted wooden eggs (shown above). It sits in the middle of my kitchen island and the eggs get manhandled by kids and adults alike all spring long. The “nest” is really a grapevine wreath that I thought looked especially nesty. Then, to keep the eggs contained in this wreath, I cut a square of chicken wire and fastened it at the bottom of the opening to act as a mesh “stopper.” After that, I painted a slew of wooden eggs that I had picked up at garage sales. I chose a palette of natural egg colors: ecru, ivory, white, light brown and robin’s egg aqua blue (the prettiest). I also left some unpainted, and tinted a few with a honey-pecan stain. The subtly different hues make a glorious collection. Finally I splatter-painted some fo the eggs for interest and that gave the whole arrangement even a little more depth. (To splatter-paint, I simply flicked brown paint from an old toothbrush onto the painted eggs. Very easy, but it’s a good idea to practice-flick with some water so you know just which way to flick.)

Chic? No. But my humble springtime decorations cheer me up and remind me that spring is really on its way.