Football Queen


In our house, Football is King. Weekend TV centers around sports all year, but from September through December, we probably catch eight football games per week on TV. (That’s 24 hours of football per week, for those of you keeping score at home. ONE_FULL_DAY!) Add to this my son’s crazy-intense football practice schedule and then two games on the weekends, and we’re looking at a serious family football addiction here.*

(Now there is an upside: we spend a lot of time together. Talking football together, complaining about defensive coordinators together, couch-quarterbacking together: good family time! And I get a lot of knitting done in the football-crazed family room, surrounded by my favorite people in the world.)

So, with football being such a (time-consuming) priority in my life, it’s really no wonder that my football addiction and my jewelry making habit spawned my newest obsession: blingy Football Mom Bracelets. Saturated in team colors, and full of spirited rah-rah movement, these bracelets are THE accessory to make the other football mom drool! (“You’ll rule!”) And I think it’s terribly ironic to celebrate my son’s bone-crunching ability with an ultra-feminine charm bracelet, but these funny ideas keep me amused on the sidelines.


In making team spirit jewelry like these Football Mom Bracelets, my main priority is to create something that I would actually want to wear. Obviously a blingy, team spirit bracelet is going to be a little flamboyant, slightly overstated. But I don’t want the design to cross into Tacky Territory (think: sequined, bedazzled Christmas Sweaters.) While festive, I want any jewelry I wear to bear my design Stamp of Approval.


To make my Football Mom Bracelet, I started with a base of wrapped 8mm beads in the team’s main color. Connect with links. (I made the beaded base the as long as the circumference of my wrist; a little more is cool, too.) Now for the fun part: on headpins to match your wrapped bead base, wrap tons of beads in the team’s secondary color and add to the connecting links. (I like to add at least 4 wrapped bead charms per connecting link.) Fire-polished crystal beads come in a rainbow of colors (check out, so it’s easy to perfectly match Wake Forest gold and black if you have to. But this project ends up being a great bead stash-buster as you can pull together odd-ball beads and trinkets for the best effect. Charm bracelets look best when they hold lots of interesting charms, so don’t be afraid to bust out of a two-tone comfort zone. After adding all the bling, top it all off with a sturdy clasp (to withstand post-game mom brawls) and add silver plated football charms and jersey number charms. Now you’re looking at a perfect season!

* I will spare you the run-down on hours per week spent throwing passes in the backyard and obsessing over Fantasy Football teams. You’re welcome.