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El Dia de Los Muertos Charm Bracelets - Anne Potter

El Dia de Los Muertos Charm Bracelets


First off: I would like to offer my deepest apologies to anyone who actually celebrates El Dia de Los Muertos for my cultural carpetbagging as I copy your swag. I do not visit cemetaries to commune with the dead (and I never will) but I can’t help it: I love the macabre-chic aesthetic of all things El Dia. I’m sure to some who solemnly observe El Dia as a spiritual ritual, my rip-off is offensive. I understand, and I’m sorry: I truly mean no offense.

But El Dia de Los Muertos has given me the missing element to my Halloween fixation. Halloween, I have loved so dearly! For years I have loved the creepy Poeian vibe, the minimalistic and understated all-black color scheme (elegant, and very slimming!), the excessive pumpkin use, the Victorian specimen hang-up, the shabby antiquities: all wonderful! But thanks to El Dia de Los Muertos, I can now add a macabre New World Catholic element (kisskissiloveyou). Thank you!


To toast all things El Dia, I make exuberant charm bracelets loaded with skull beads (made from bones mwahahaha), coral, a dram of vintage beads, a sprinkle of lampwork and a pinch of authentic Mexican milagros. Mixed together these elements make a festive, seasonal piece. And just like the dead in Mexican celmetaries, these El Dia charm bracelets appear for the festivities once a year, and then rest in peace for rest of the year. I’ve sold out of my El Dia charm bracelets for the year, but being a beloved perennial favorite, they will certainly appear next fall.

Happy Halloween!