I've always loved travel. l love the excitement of new places, and the different beat of different people.

My work is strongly influenced by global cultures and travel. Norwegian stavekirkes, Mexican Milagros, Thai lanterns, and Indian menhdi designs make my heart sing and inspire my design aesthetic. I also keep an eye on trends in fashion, because I love how the world of fashion is ever-interesting and dynamic. You'll see lots of African brass, ethnic beads, recycled glass, Catholic medals, found objects, and leather incorporated in my designs because such interested elements bring an exciting story with them. And I also strive for wearable pieces that you turn to again and again.

Over the last several years, my work has been featured in Jewelry Stringing Magazine, 101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings and Creative Jewelry. And I have several exciting projects planned for this coming year, so visit my shop or my official Facebook page to see what's happening.